Something Different

Hard-hat-50We have the specialist skills and expertise to take on projects that other builders might avoid.

At the centre of this project was a home built in the 1630s. A building like this can obviously show signs of age and also the signs of unsuitable repairs and changes in years gone by. The staircase in this home was unsuitable. Something to fit in with the existing 1630s style was really needed.

We carefully selected some 500 year old oak beams from a field in Wales which were covered in moss and Fungus. We dried the beams, sand blasted and treated them, and then made them into a staircase more in keeping with the property.

We were then commissioned to build a new outbuilding with a 1630s theme that echoed the existing home.

Again, the old oak beams were sourced, blasted and then cut and machined on site, even the sections of oak to make the windows and doors came from the same beams.  We also sourced second hand clay peg tiles to give the correct look for the roof.

Sometimes it’s necessary to combine the best of the past with the best of the new. We used the specialist Monoccouche render for the panels, rather than traditional but less stable materials. A modern build with elements of different centuries. We were very pleased with the result.

Transforming the fireplace

Changed left hand stud wall to oak beams, wattle and daub.

Sand blast beams to bring back to former glory.


Replace dilapidated building with something in keeping.

Open plan internally.


Thank you. Upload complete.