If you need more space, for additional family members or new activities, an extension to your home makes a lot of sense.

No lost money in moving costs, all the money you spend goes directly into enhancing the vallue of your home. Over the years, here at CGH Construction we have built many extensions,  varying in size, shape and design.

We pride ourselves on our core values; we still believe the smaller jobs are just as important to the individual client as a new build property.

In most cases, the home will still be occupied whilst the extension is built and we are careful to ensure that disruption to family life is minimised. That means ensuring access to the home is always available, dust and mess are kept out of the home and that our team are cooperative and friendly.

This takes careful planning, management and a customer focused attitude. These attributes have always been at the core of what we do.

See below pictures of extension projects. A carefully planned extension can make to your home more spacious, functional and attractive.

Orpington Basement and Extension

Outwood Extension and Remodelling

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