Bathrooms and Kitchens

Hard-hat-50  Estate agents will tell you that upgrading your bathroom is one of the most direct ways to add value to your home.

It’s not difficult to work out why. A living room can be renovated with new paint or wallpaper. But a bathroom needs much more extensive and costly work. Moving into a new house with a bad bathroom is not an appealing prospect.

A beautiful bathroom is also an everyday luxury. Hard day? Come home and relax in a lovely, hot bath.

CGH Construction have always tried to give the complete building package. And that includes bathrooms. We know that attention to detail is critical. A luxury bathroom should look luxurious with finishes to the highest standard.

The images show a typical bathroom renovation project. We start with an out-dated, unappealing bathroom. A room you want to get in and out of as soon as possible. The client on this project specified highly polished porcelain tiles with glass and stone feature tile and stainless steel trims. They wanted two feature recesses but no cutting to the tiles on the feature and only 2mm grout joints, so with careful setting out we managed to agree a plan that worked.

The results are in the last three pictures. A beautiful contemporary bathroom that is a genuine asset.

New kitchen to flat conversion.

New kitchen with high gloss units and corian work tops.

Thank you. Upload complete.